Games Tourney

The fair shire of Isenfir (Charlottesville, Virginia) will once again be hosting its trademark mega-gaming event, Games Tourney, on October 23, 2004. That's a whole day of games, gamers, and as much gaming as you care to do.

There are two formal tournaments, one in chess and one in open games. Plus plenty of room to sit down and game if you don't want to be in the tourneys themselves.

There will be prizes.

There will be LOTS of game enthusiasts to share your favorite game with.

There will be outdoor games as well as indoor games... Palio races, Step-Not, and much more.

Really great prizes!

There will be gambling (for coin of the realm, of course) courtesy of the Red Mountain Inn.

Plus, there will be kids activities, PLENTY of great food, and various game-oriented martial activities for those so inclined.

Win prizes!

For more details, see Reserve now! :)