They're At It Again

The Quarter: "At least it keeps us off the streets!" So reads one of the many randomly-inserted bits of slogan text at the bottom of a page on this month's issue of The Quarter. The advertisement for a certain well-known Norse deity's fighter school is just....wrong. Go see it, right away. Tired of information-packed content that leaves you informed but bored? Dreaming of nubile wenches dancing voluptuously through fields of daisies? Or of studly lords in those very short late-period poofy things?

Well, you won't find nubile wenches or studly lords in The Quarter. But you will find some of the best SCAdian parody around. This "newsletter" from Trimaris is much more exciting than the SCA Governing Documents, though not nearly as flammable when printed ( tested it for you!). And The Quarter's electronic edition is apparently not useful for fire starting at all, more's the pity.

Issue 17 is chock full of intrigue ("Overheard at Crown Lyst"), insightful social commentary ("Top Ten Excuses for Not Fighting"), authenticity guidance ("Letter from the Arts and Sciences Officer"), and historical scholarship ("The Tale of Gwrgenau and How He Won Erdudfyl As His Bride"). Don't miss the earth-shattering "Local News Update." Cozy up with the warm and fuzzy advice from "Mistress Abigaille." Win fame and fortune in the "Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest." And don't forget to stimulate the economy by responding to the ad for "Charles O