Known World Costuming Symposium: New classes added, pre-reg deadline extended

The staff of the Known World Costuming Symposium (KWCS) have announced many newly-scheduled classes as well as an extension of the pre-registration deadline.

KWCS 2004, to be held in the Marche of Alderford (North Canton, Ohio, USA) on September 24-26, now boasts over thirty classes and almost a dozen merchants, many with multiple tables or even entire showrooms. There will also be a garb fashion show, catered feast, and keynote presentation by Dame Drea di Pelligrini.

The pre-registration deadline has been extended to September 17.

Follow the "original article" link from this page to visit the event's web site, which includes an online pre-registration form. (Per SCA policies, payment must be mailed by check to the Gatekeeper.) The web site also has a complete list of classes and merchants, hotel information, and links to local attractions within easy driving (or, in some cases, walking) distance from the event site. Proceedings will be available to attendees on CDROM, for a nominal fee to cover duplication and mailing expenses.