A Taste of Calontir

Have an interest in period food but afraid to try a recipe? THL Gwen A'Brooke has announced "A Taste of Calontir," a new project where gentles may try out period foods. The project was based on an idea originally implemented by "The Stewpot Period Culinary Guild", an unofficial cookery guild in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

THL Gwen A'Brooke, Taste of Calontir Coordinator, writes:

Have you wondered what food tasted like in period, but been a little apprehensive to try? Have you said no to period recipes because of a single bad experience?

The Calontir Cooks Guild would like to announce the debut of a project that would allow you to satisfy your curiosity and overcome you apprehensions; it is called "A Taste of Calontir."

At Coronation this weekend, we will have a food tasting table with a number of delicious medieval dishes for all to taste. This will give those of you who are a little apprehensive about medieval cooking a chance to taste just a little bit and see how good it can be. It also gives the incredible cooks of our kingdom a chance to show everyone the wonderful foods they can make.

Please stop by and sample the items available. We are hoping to continue this project at Crown Tourney in November, Kris Kinder in December and other events after that.

If you are interested in participating, or learning more about the Calontir Cooks Guild, we invite you to join our e-mail list, which is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CalontirCooksGuild/

Yours in Service,
Ladyship Gwen A'Brooke, CSH (Taste of Calontir Coordinator)