Pennsic LiveJournal: Quotable Quotes from Pennsic XXXIII

Have a fun Pennsic? A wet Pennsic? Here's what posters on the Pennsic LiveJournal page had to say:

Quotable Quotes from Pennsic XXXIII:

"AEthelmearc?....You're soaking in it!"

"Well...we got the answer to the question on weather the Ravenspittle ship floats or not"

"Little did he know that when he passed out last night in his tent on the Sarengeti that he'd wake up with a moat"

"Beer so dark that no light escapes it. Beer so dark it's not kept in a bottle but an event horizon"

"The air is wet with thickness."

"Hey we have fire soup." (said while bailing out the fire pit)

The Markland Army......."Brains........brains" as they pounded on the castle walls like the zombies in Night of the Living Dead while fighting Middle Kingdom.

"The bullfrogs are awake and having fun!"

"Dear Pennsic Independent Advisor... I never thought it would happen to me, but...."

"It's still not as bad as Pennsic 23"

"You forgot your wellies? No wonder it rained, it's your fault!"

"How many pairs of shoes did you bring?"

"LOOK! I still have dry socks and clean garb!"

"If you used the mud, it would make great axle grease until it dried out."

"ABDICATE!" yelled at the sky during a heavy downpour.

Thanks to Etan, Rickard and Dirk of Rivenvale for the contribution.