Scribal Presentation at ValDay 2003

Middlebridge: For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Tom Amos, from Western Michigan University's rare book room, will be giving a presentation at St. Valentine's Day Massacre and Feast, February 8, 2003. Here's an advance notice on a really cool presentation at ValDay, from noon to 2pm. In 2003, Dr. Amos' time slot has been doubled from one to two hours!

Dr. Amos has been asked to not only bring some of the really cool facsimiles and manuscripts obtained in the past year for Western's collection, but he is also going to spend about an hour discussing tools and techniques used in Western's facility for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of books! With our interests in papermaking, bookbinding, and all scribal arts, this seems to fit in very well with not only our SCA activities, but meshes very well with Dr. Amos' own interests and the direction in which he is taking Western's rare book room and its collections.

Western recently acquired a hand-operated printing press too, and it is fully functional. No, that won't come to ValDay, it's BIG, but Dr. Amos has been approached, successfully, about the possibility of hosting a very special Saturday session at Western's rare book room, for a small group of SCA scribal persons (about eight) sometime this Spring.

This unique opportunity will allow scribes unfettered access to the rare books, manuscripts, and facsimiles held by Western, a chance to see some very limited editions of children's books, the printing press, our extensive collection of pop-up books, and the chance to talk for hours with someone who shares our passions about the scribal arts. More details will follow on this, as plans solidify.

This man is a GEM. He gives so freely of himself and his talents and resources. We are very very fortunate to have such a ready and willing resource, on top of his wonderful service in caring for our Kingdom's Great Booke.

I encourage anyone coming to ValDay on February 8, 2003, to make time in your schedule to attend Dr. Amos' presentation. You won't regret it for a minute.