Bards' Night V

Bards' Night is THE place to be for all those that are interested in the Bardic Arts: singing, playing an instrument, writing poetry, lyrics or music, storytelling and -writing, making instruments or researching medieval and renaissance music and art. It is the place to share your knowledge with people eager to partake it, and to learn new skills, new songs, new stories and new ideas.

Classes are split in two categories: lectures and workshops.

Examples for lectures are: The Arthurian Legends-A storytellers' approach, English Music in the 15th century, The lute and its role in Renaissance music or anything else that you can think of.

Workshops are the hands-on approach, for example: How to build an instrument from a kit, How to sing 16th century madrigals etc.

Site: Shurdington Social Centre, Bishop Road, Shurdington Village, Cheltenham. Site is open from 18:00 on Friday to 14:00 on Sunday. The site is wet, the Village Green is dry. The site itself has parking, disabled access and disabled toilets. Pets are not allowed in the halls. There is limited crash space so please advise early if you require it. A list of nearby B&B is listed on the shire web pages

If you wish to teach a class please contact Lady Valeria at