Authorities Seeking Info in Alleged Assault at PW 33

Police in Butler County, Pennsylvania, are seeking leads to identify a person who assaulted and wounded a woman at Pennsic 33. (Story posted by request of the woman who was attacked.)

The following open letter was posted today on numerous SCA-related email lists.

Thursday, August 19, around 4:30 a.m., [a lady] was attacked while walking from the Lost Boys (block W20) to Timberwolfe (block E28). Her attack was reported to both security and the local police while on site, but her attacker is still at large.

The details are as follows: She passed a man who appeared to be stumbling drunk. As soon as she passed him he hit her on the back of the head with a blunt object and knocked her down to the ground on the side of the road. He had a knife, which he tried to get to her throat. He cut her hands as she deflected the knife. She repeatedly bashed him in the face with her pewter mug and managed to kick him off of her. He is between 5"8" and 6", dark shoulder length hair (or thereabouts), goatee, medium skin tone, light eyes, medium build. He was wearing a blackwatch kilt at the time and no tatoos on the chest or upper arms. He knocked her down hard enough for her to have seriously deep tissue bruising, but besides that, the cuts on her hands and the emotional upset she was un-harmed, as he ran off when she proved to be a fighter. She also now has a slight case of poison ivy, which may have occured from the side of the road, so he may also have poison ivy in addition to the facial lacerations on the left side of his face, particularly near the brow bone and damaged rib cage.

If you have possible tips or leads please contact PA state Police, Butler County, 724-284-8100. [...]

Publisher's note: Per our editorial policies, has removed the attacked woman's name even though she contacted us and asked us to publish this information. Anyone with information about this incident should contact the modern-world authorities listed above, rather than posting the information to's forums. Please help us to assist the authorities without sensationalizing this incident within the SCA.