Baron William Welwyn to Take on Rapier Opponents at Atlantia's Coronation

Percival Aldridge, Provost of the Academie d'Espee, Atlantia, has announced that Baron William Welwyn will take on all comers for the White Scarf Prize at the Kingdom of Atlantia Coronation.

Percival Aldridge writes:

BE IT KNOWN to alle that professe arms that the great monarchs of Atlantia, Cuan, Rex, and Padraigin, Regina, do give leave and license to the Provosts of the Noble Science of Defence in the Kingdom of Atlantia to add to our ranks. Baron William Welwyn, will play his Provost Prize against all answerers in their subtile mysterie at these weapons: single rapier, rapier & dagger, case of rapiers, rapier & buckler, as well as rapier & cloak, according to the code of conduct stated in the charters of our most illustrious guild. This is to give notice that William will be present the 4th day of September at Coronation to perform and do his utter most for the acheivement and bearing away of the prize.

William will be fighting all present White Scarves sometime after the Coronation court(s), but will be taking all comers the rest of the day.

Percival Aldridge, Provost of the Academie d'Espee, Atlantia