Equis Bellator

Unto the diverse citizens of the Kingdom of Drachenwald do the Horse men and women of Insulae Draconis otherwise known as the Equites Draconis send greetings and invitation. Attend with us a celebration of the noblity of the war horse on twelth day of September in the 2004 year of the current calendar within the Shire of West Dragonshire. So come one and all to partake of and witness this spectacular event.

We intend to hold not only an equestrian competition but also an armoured weapons tournament and a tournament of defense. For those not martially inclined there will also be provision to watch the marvellous deeds unfolding, space to picnic and enjoy yourself in a manner that suits you. (oh and pet horses if that sound fun! Please ask first though as some horses aren't fond of petting:-))

For more details go to http://www.soton.ac.uk/~tpg/Equis%20Bellator.htm

SO in summary there will be;
An Equestrian Tourney
An Armoured Combat Tournament
Competitive arts of defense
A Picnic
Lots of Fun!

Where: Maidenhead England
When: 12th September 2004 from Noon (riders from 10)
Cost: £6.00 non-riders. Riders (costs on application).

Enquiries to the Steward Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale aka John Sawyer (me) jpgsawyer@btopenworld.com

Would anyone wishing to ride please contact us as soon as possible. (ie NOW!)

Your servant as always
Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale - Event Steward
aka John Sawyer