Shire of Ildhafn to Become Barony

Their Majesties Guillaume and Felinah of Caid have presented a petition to the Society Seneschal requesting the elevation of the Shire of Ildhafn, in New Zealand, to Barony. A petition was recently delivered to Their Majesties of Caid by THL Willehelm von Tannenberg requesting that the Shire of Ildhafn be elevated to the status of Barony. The petition was reviewed and discussed with Kingdom officers. It was then decided, due to the shire's many years of prosperity and growth, to grant the petition. Their Majesties went on to announce Their selection of THL Asbjorn Pedersen Marsvin and THL Marienna Jensdatter as Their choice for Ildhafn's first Baron and Baroness.

After approval by the Society Seneschal, the next step will be a polling process to assure support for the Barony and the baronial candidates. Ildhafn will be included in the proposed land transfer of Caid's territory of New Zealand to the Kingdom of Lochac.