Ironman Challenge Met at Pennsic XXXIII

For Pennsic XXXIII, Ser Nickolas and Sir Bonar of the North and South Oaken Armies of the Midrealm issued a challenge: participate in all 12 Pennsic battles.

Ser Nickolas writes:

Greetings to all, and especially the brave men and women of the North Oaken and South Oaken regions!

For this Pennsic last, Sir Bonar and I threw down a challenge: participate in every mass war point battle available as heavy combatant, waterbearer, marshal, scout, chirurgeon, combat archer or combination thereof. This was not an easy challenge, for there were a total of 12 battles that needed to be completed in order to fulfill the challenge.

After the last blow had been delivered and the dust cleared, nearly 80 Oaken Ironman tokens were awarded, almost all of them to heavy fighters. That means that the majority of the fighters in the North and South Oaken regions came out day after day, in the heat, in the rain, in the mud, with wet armor and sore bodies to support their unit, their army and their Kingdom.

I could not be more proud of the dedication of our soldiers.

Now, while you achieved the challenge, I am remiss on my part. In the heady moments following the successful defense of the castle, I failed to record your names as I had promised. So, if every person that received a token from my hand could email their name and unit, either to this list or to me privately at, I will make sure the names are recorded in a proper roll of honor, as befits inspiring men and women of prowess.

Also, if you did not receive your token, I have many more. Seek me out at an event, and I will gladly give you one.

Draco Invitus!

Ser Nickolas
N. Oaken Commander
Pennsic XXXIII