Noble Deeds Take Place at Border War

From the Incipient Canton of Torna in Kemi, Finland come reports of valor and grace at Border War held November 15-17, 2002. Lord Karl Hoykka, Event Steward of Border War, and Jark Peregrine report on the glorious battle between the forces of the Barony of Aarnimetsa in Finland and the Principality of Nordmark in Sweden.

Lord Karl writes:

Greetings Drachenwald!

Border War is now over, and the result was as suspected - Aarnimetsa troops demolished the Nordmarkian invading forces. His Excellency Baron Godwin, Mighty and Just ruler of Aarnimetsa will tell soon what future actions will be take place concerning the result of war.

The Tourney of Lord of Darkness was fought after the darkness had fallen. Only the hardiest and most fearsome fighters dared to enter the cold field surrounded by live fires, armed with two handed weapons only. Five entered and fought valiantly, and the tourney was finally won by Jarl Peregrine, wielding mighty blade named "Dukekiller."

The A&S competition was won by Lord Alan from house of Kalava, with a finely-documented facial wound, completely made in period ways. The amount of modern materials used in making the entry was such a small flaw, that the jury decided that Lord Alan was victorious. Maybe we will see a new Laurel in him some day? He claimed that he will be preparing new entries in future.

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Jarl Peregrine adds:

A few clarifications for those in the dark...

The paltry army of Nordmark was ambushed on route to the battle by an Aarnimetsan force outnumbering it five to one! Despite the horrendously overwhelming odds, I was impressed to observe that the Nordmark forces stood their ground and fought to the bitter end. A brave, yet ultimately futile gesture.

Yet before Aarnimetsa could celebrate their victory, a rampaging horde of Viking raiders decided to invite themselves for the winter. Disappointed with the hospitality shown, the Vikings began to engage in their favorite pastime. Pyromania. Almost immediately two of the winter warehouses were burned to the ground, but despite great enthusiasm the raiders couldn't burn the one warehouse left to Aarnimetsa. In fact the Vikings were only forced to concede the battle when a spy was sent to burn down the warehouse they had under their own control.

Deprived of winter stores, and mocked by the victors, the Vikings marched to the local fortress (stupidly stripped of defenders by Aarnimetsa during the earlier battle) and dug in for the season. The home army tried valiantly to assault the fortress, but failed on each occasion.

So now Aarnimetsa faces the dubious pleasure of hosting the Vikings ("Burn them") for winter instead of Nordmark. Then again, since half the Vikings appear to have originated from that cold and snowy land, I don't think their relatives will mind that much!

Secondly, to ward off any possible misunderstandings which might hit me at the next Holmrike fighter practice, the mighty sword "Dukekiller" was named by its creator (Lord Haakon the Skillful) at Doublewars for its impressive performance upon the field of battle. I was merely 'borrowing' it for the tournament.

Yet despite the inexplicable result of the tournament (since Duke Matthew bashed us all about - lots), the mighty bastardsword "Dukekiller" does indeed seem to have a thirst for his Royal Highnesses blood... :-)

Last yet not least, Lord Alan's heroic wound was a demonstration of his fearlessness and great self confidence. Sitting in the sauna with the other Vikings, he decided to demonstrate his prowess by proving his skull was thicker than a troll's. That's to say, that his noggin was stronger than stone.

He demonstrated this with great aplomb and much noise. And indeed he proved his skull was harder than rock. Unfortunately, his skin wasn't. But he was certainly following in Odin's footsteps by trying to remove one eye. Vivat to his dedication to period reenactment