Rapier Fighter Completes 1000 Victory Quest at Pennsic XXXIII

Baron Raphael di Angelo successfully completed his quest for 1000 wins at Pennsic XXXIII.

Baron Raphael writes:

Unto the Rapier Fighters of the Knowne World does Baron Raphael di Angelo send greetings.

Pennsic XXXIII is now over as is my quest.

This kind of undertaking doesn't happen on its own so my thanks goes out to House ICOD whose members have shown me by example how to behave and more importantly, how not to behave. Your lessons have shown me my path.

I'd also like to thank Duke Paul Bellatrix, whose words always inspire me to be better than I am. Likewise, I want to applaud HRM of Drachenwald, John Peregrine, who was prepared to fence me in a lightning storm.

The kind words I received from friends and strangers alike helped encourage me.

Most importantly, I would like to thank everyone who took the field against me this War because without quality opponents, this result would have been meaningless. I finished up my quest with 1000 wins against 140 losses. Since you each wrote your own names in my log book, I apologize in advance for not being able to spell everyone's name correctly.

I remain,

Raphael di Angelo

  • Martin Hawksworth
  • Sir Vladimir Aleksakov
  • Aelfwine Pyttel
  • Rian Gontyroyan
  • Richild la Gauchere
  • Benjamin Wheeler
  • Ragno Daggawa
  • Emmiken die Waeyer
  • Gillian de Whittemere
  • Kevin Ambrozijwski
  • Joseph Kildonan
  • Mary-Grace of Gatland
  • Eroc O'Hara
  • Slebine the Yid
  • Domenego Paladin Tiestino
  • Marco Borromel
  • Brita Mairi Svensdottir
  • Donovan Shimmack
  • Santiago Carrillo
  • Sean Tynker
  • Quinn Kerr
  • Gunther van Drakenburg
  • Lilias de Cheryngton
  • Hawke of Darkwater
  • Edward Heron
  • Patrick McMoodey
  • Constanza de Talavera
  • Dante di Pietro
  • Friederich von Hieich
  • Connor Levingstowne
  • Christopher Conling
  • Garret Feinsod
  • Liam Gelagy
  • William Welwyn
  • Naomi bas Yecheskel
  • Thjora Arnkitelsdottir
  • Tuathal O'Hairt
  • Colin MacWilliams
  • Stephen Bridewell
  • Illadore de Bedegragne
  • Chas Fei-Hang
  • Sir Colin Gordan
  • Maire Ingen Dawith
  • Lea Maria de Leon
  • Alessandro Andretti
  • Aldan Kerr
  • Andre l'Erervier
  • Rhiannon the Curious
  • Argyll
  • Talib of Tree Girt Sea