Harvest Captaincy

Winter's Gate presents Harvest Captaincy, September 4-5, 2004 at the Wilderness Pavillion, Alaskaland/Pioneer Park in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Site (if the smoke clears): Wilderness Pavillion, Alaskaland/Pioneer Park (the pavillion off Peger Road by the river). Site opens 10 am each day and runs until we leave.

Saturday activities: Captaincy Tourney, possible fun tourney after; bear pit board game tourney (a little less chaotic than the last one, please bring chess, mancala and cribbage boards for sure) for adults and children, pot luck dinner (several charcoal grills are on site, as well as a few electrical plug-ins), court (baronial and possiblity principality), children's activity (making runestone necklaces), probably a bardic.

Sunday activities: baronial court to invest new Captain and Heart (award recommendations welcome to myself or Khevron, who will be attending), prize tourney, flowers tourney.

Competitions: dish with harvest fruits/preserved fruits to be served at dinner Saturday, children's coloring competition (various age groups), bardic ("ode to smoke"), probably a brewing competition.

If we move the event to an indoor site, it will probably be condensed to one day, so some of these activities are fluid (extra tourneys especially).

Event fee is $5 per member adult ($8 for non-member); family rates to be negotiated.

Autocrats: Grimr and Tynan tygr1@gci.net