SCA Outreach at Worldcon

The Barony of Carolingia will be sponsoring SCA events at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) on Labor Day weekend. All members of the SCA who are attending the convention are invited to participate.

Worldcon is a five-day science fiction convention, being held this year in Boston, MA. It draws several thousand people from around the world -- the science fiction equivalent of Pennsic.

On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 2nd, Worldcon will be holding "First Night", a carnival sponsored by many local clubs. A range of SCA activities are being set up to be part of this. The evening's dance, organized as "dancing through time", will start off with an hour of easy period dances, led by Master Justin du Coeur. And throughout the evening, the SCA area of the ConCourse will be running a series of activities, to show the convention members some of the arts that the Society practices.

All members of the SCA are encouraged to come by and participate. If you have activities that you might be willing to run, please contact Master Justin at "" -- everything from games to singing to craft demonstrations would be welcomed. And regardless of whether you are running something, come meet other members of the SCA and participate in the activities of the evening.