Cookie Wars

The members of the Barony of Knight's Crossing will soon be joining forces with our fellows to decide once and for all (at least for this year) which is most tasty - Medieval Sweets or Modern Cookies. Come join us on 27-29 August, 2004 at the Youth Campground, D-64747 Breuberg-Wald-Amorbach.

The theme of the event is a question of taste, thus one that cannot be settled by argument alone. We have set up a series of activities based on the ever popular medieval entertainment of collecting a ransom from the person that was bested and placing bets on the outcome of competitions. Only here, the winnings benefit the team and not just the individual. And, this will help us raise funds for the Kingdom Chronicler's Fund.

So, bring fine Medieval pastries or modern cookies and thus pick your team. The audience is just as much part of this as they were in the Middle Ages. Be a patron, sponsor a fighter, cover an archer's bets. Hire a herald to extol the virtues of a person.

The idea is to be creative and have fun. Medieval nobility spent money hand over fist to impress their peers. We want to encourage everyone here to do the same. Generosity and disdain for mere money are proper virtues to be encouraged; their exercise will not go unnoticed.

There will be a small A&S competition in that home-made Sweets and Cookies will be tasted by the Nobility present and judged. There will be a definite bias towards the Medieval fineries. (Hey, at least we're honest!)

Friday: 18:00: Site opens

9:00 - 10:30 Archery - Tell's Apple Shoot
10:00 Fencing inspection begins
10:30 - 12:00 Fencing - Cyrano=92s 100 Men
12:30 Heavy inspection begins
13:00 =96 17:00 Heavy - Ransom Tourney, various scenarios
18:00 Court of Their Royal Majesties, John and Honor

Sunday: Site closes: 12:00

More information about the event and specific activities as well as driving instructions can be found on the Baronial Web page under:

We hope to see you there!

In service, we remain,

Sir Maximilian and Lady Margerite, Baron and Baronin Knight's Crossing.