Known World Novice Tourney a Success

Count Sir Sarnac of the Kingdom of Ealdormere reports on the Known World Novice Tourney which was held at Pennsic XXXIII.

Count Sir Sarnac writes:

From all the feedback I have received.... the first Known World Novice Tourney was a hit!

We had a total of 69 fighters running 7 total shark pools.... one of 9 and the rest of 10. Then took the top two out of each of them and ran two pools of 7 to the final two combatants.

This led to the final round where Lord William Thomas of Atlantia and Lord Donovan of the Middle (Dak as he is known on the Archive) faced off in the final round.

Lord Donovan won in a best two out of three finals to become the first victor of the Tournament.

Lord Jason from the East Kingdom was chosen by the assembled Chivalry as most chivalrous fighter for the day... and was quite blown away by the promisoriy scroll from Lord Kenric of the Middle for a new Custom made Helm.

Some HUGE thank you's go out to everyone who helped!

  • Thank you to HRH Brannos, HE Munenori, Duke David, Duke Ragnvldr, Duke Roak, Duke Logan, Vicountess Sir Elizabeth and Duke Darius who all helped run pools,
  • The wonderful ladies Countess Arlette, THL Kaylah, Lady Kirstiken and Lady Joleen who helped at the list table,
  • The Ladies of the Rose who inspired everyone by passing out favours and tokens to the fighters who inspired them... especially HRM Trimaris who, even though sick and injured, stayed for the entire tourney,
  • The Ealdormerian Commsariat who provided much needed refreshments to all the fighters and marshals... To the armourers, and artisans...
  • Sir Markus Hammerhand
  • Lord Cet
  • Lord Iain
  • StarLeaf Gate Armourers Guild
  • House Blacksword
  • and Lord Kenric who provided the amazing prizes. I am indebted to you for making and donating the prizes of this caliber. The winners were overwhelmed.

...but most of all my lady...Countess Joleicia of Litchfield... without who's insight, and organization, this tourney would most likely never have happened.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to any and all who helped or participated...and I hope we can do this again next year.

Count Sir Sarnac