SCA anticipates upcoming "L-ebration"

Striving to be as period as possible, the SCA has renamed its upcoming anniversary event from "50 Year" to "L Year".

Although Hindu-Arabic numerals came into existence in the first millenium BCE, the organizers of the upcoming anniversary event felt it would be more period to use Roman numerals. According to one source close to the event staff, "We examined the number 50, and the number L, and we simply consider Latin to be much more courtly, officious, and historical than English -- and that's the trvth."

Not everyone is pleased with the change. According to Mistress Validia Cognita, OP, "Although Roman numerals continue to be used on formal occasions even today, this is a pretentious affectation that should long ago have been discarded in favor of efficiency. People in the Middle Ages were not stupid, just because they lacked our technology, and they sought efficient methods to accomplish their work just as we do." Mistress Validia pointed out that Pennsic, the very epitome of medieval authenticity, is organized and managed using modern computer technology, electricity, gasoline-powered vehicles, and modern accounting systems. "In fact," she continued, "there is not one single computer at Pennsic that uses Roman numerals! It would be a very silly place!"

Master Llewellyn ap Teirnon, OL, OP, one of the Event Stewards, was quick to point out that the letter "L" is the most important letter in the alphabet. "This lovely letter literally leaves me longing!" he opined. "With an L in our event's name, success is assured. After all, I have no fewer than four of them in my name. Is that not an omen?"

Master Llewellyn explained that people in the Middle Ages had different notions of balance and symmetry than we have today, as evidenced by the way symmetry works in heraldry. Using that logic, he hypothesized that the early-period or even pre-period nature of Latin will cancel out several instances of modernity. "So," he said, "let's say you have two people with laptop computers from 2015. That is an out-of-periodness of around 415 years from 1600 CE. Roman numerals date back far more than 430 years before our earliest date, 600 CE. Just one L can cancel out both of those laptops!"

The other Event Steward, Duchess Elina of Beckenham, OL, OR, OP, KSCA, could not be reached for comment. Master Llewellyn assured us that she is fully supportive of the L-ification of the event. "Well, perhaps not now," he admitted, "but she will be quite amenable after a few more days in that iron cage!" We were assured that the cage was of an extremely period design.

Disagreements aside, the court jesters of the Known World wasted no time in rising to, or rather, sinking to, the occasion of such a flagrant pun opportunity. The event was immediately dubbed "the Great L-ebration" by a jester from Caid, while her comrade in Meridies quipped that attendees will have "One L of a great time!" A punster from the Midrealm complained that the event should be in Chicago instead of Indianapolis so people can get there by riding the "L-evated" rail lines for which Chicago is famous. Several Grand Old Dukes and Duchesses filled's inbox, almost in unison, with the suggstion that young upstarts such as the two Event Stewards should not have renamed the event on their own initiative, but instead should have consulted their "L-ders" for wisdom.

The Great L-ebration of the SCA's Lth anniversary takes place on the XVII through XXVII of Jvne, MMXVI.

This article is a work of parody and does not represent the actual opionions of the individuals named. No actual Duchesses were harmed in the making of this parody.