Alexandre and Eularia newest prince and princess of Insulae Draconis - Vivant!

In a clean and decisive victory, Master Alexandre d'Avigne, fighting for Mistress Eularia Trewe, won the Insulae Draconis coronet tourney over Lord Johannes of Uffingdon, fighting for Viscountess Susannah of York. The tourney took place on Saturday 8 August AS 50 in the shire of Mynydd Gwyn (mka Wales and borders) on the beautiful grounds of Raglan Castle.

On the field, Alexandre and Eularia were named Lord and Lady of the Isles, and in afternoon court they were invested as rightful heirs to Elffin and Alessandre Melusine, who stepped down with grateful thanks of their heirs and the populace.

Their highnesses Alexandre and Eularia are not new to royal titles. Prior to moving to Insulae Draconis they served as viceroy and vicereine of the Crown province of Østgarðr, in the East Kingdom.

Master Alexandre is a Companion of the Pelican, of the White Scarf, and of the Golden Rapier; Mistress Eularia is a companion of the Pelican, and together they belong to Sharc Pit house.

They currently make their home in the shire of Pont Alarch (mka York and Yorkshire, England).

This tourney was a round robin, as is conventional in Drachenwald, with best of 3 in bouts, and best of 5 for finals. It included 11 entrants and 1 destructive bye fighter. His Highness Sir Elffin had planned to fight this bye but, due to injury, appointed a champion, Viscount Robert de Canterbury.

It took place on that rare occasion, a beautiful warm clear summer's day in Wales, during Raglan ffair, Insulae Draconis' premier camping event; 10 days of camping on the grounds of Raglan Castle.