New draft of SCA Ltd. Social Media Policy for comment

A new draft for a SCA Ltd Social Media Policy has been approved by the SCA Ltd Board for release for comment. This new draft is a modified version of the SCA Inc (Society) policy that is in effect in the USA, NZ and (until we have our own) Australia.

The modifications to the Society policy seek to make Social Media usage by groups in Australia answerable to the SCA Ltd Board rather than the SCA Inc (US) Social Media Director. The SCA Ltd Board believes this is a better, more responsive approach and seeks comment from members and other participants in Australia.

This notice, and a link to the policy document, can be found at the link below.

Commentary on this draft should be sent to the SCA Ltd Webmin at on or before 31 May 2015.

In service,

Sorle Maknicoll
SCA Ltd Webmin