First Female Knight of Lochac Created

At Rowany Festival this Easter, Countess Eva Von Danzig, Baroness of Innilgard, became the first female knight of Lochac.Countess Eva was placed on vigil in November at the Fields of Gold, to become the 41st female knight in the SCA. At her elevation, her knight, Duke Sir Marc d'Arundel of the West, and her Laurel, Mistress Sabine de Bourbonne, spoke eloquently of her many qualities, noting most her grace in service to the kingdom, her passion for the martial arts, and the strength of her heart as she walked the path of chivalry. 

Clad in unadorned white, Countess Eva swore fealty, to practice honesty and temperance, to serve justice and defend the helpless, to act with genersity and nurture those who sought the path of chivalry. She was then girded with the white belt by her lord, Count Sir Felix von Danzig.

In addition to her prowess and courtesy, Countess Eva is widely known for her banners and painted parade shields that bring pageantry to events, and for the fearsome buffets she gives in accolade!

With her kind permission, the video of her historic elevation is linked below.