Pennsic documentary producer to make video of USA Knights at IMCF world championships

Zorikh Lequidre, known in the SCA as Lord Ervald the Optimistic, is set to make a video documentary of USA Knights, America's original full-combat armored combat team, at the International Medieval Combat Federation world championships this Spring in Malbork Poland. The new video is to be titled “American Knights.”

Zorikh Lequidre was the re-release producer of “The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary” and producer, director, and editor, and distributor of “Return to Pennsic.”

USA Knights were the first American team to go to the Battle of the Nations in 2012, an event which Zorikh (who prefers to go by his first name) has also documented in his video “U.S. Against the World.” He also fought with the team in its first three years. A knee injury at a tournament in Ontario, Canada is preventing him from fighting this year, so he has gathered a small team of cameramen and tech people to produce this new video.

The team includes professional videographers Tadej Znidarcic and Christian Mortensen and the Armored Combat League “Web Cave” team of Brian and Andrea Fields. Zorikh says the years of experience and new equipment will be a vast improvement over his previous productions. “My earlier documentaries were done with what was available at the time,” he says. “To be able to do this in hi-definition will really give the fans the sense of being there.”

In addition to covering all the action of the team from multiple angles, this video will also feature interviews with team members, behind-the-scenes footage, and features on the castle at Malbork, the location of the tournament. “I really want to give the fans the experience of being there, to know the team as people, and to give a sense of the history of the team.”

IMCF combat is similar to the SCA in that the fighters wear medieval armor and engage in a modern approximation of medieval armored combat, but that's where the similarities end. In the IMCF blunted steel weapons are used and the fights are full-contact, allowing weapon strikes, punching, kicking, and grappling. In the world championships there will be singles bouts in sword & shield, longsword, and polearm, and group melees of various sizes. The singles bouts will be scored by points while the melees will be played until every man on one side is down. Weapon strikes, punching, kicking, and grappling are all legal. The melees are especially brutal because there are no “called” blows. The fighters must actually be knocked or wrestled to the ground. “It's the toughest sport I know. That's why I had to do it,” says Zorikh about his three years on the team. “The effort these people put forth is incredible. It is inspiring to me, and I hope his video inspires other people to face the challenges in their lives.”

“The Pennsic War,” “Return to Pennsic,” and “US Against the World” are all available on or through Zorikh's website at the link below. “The Pennsic War” is also listed on the Internet Movie Database, one of only two SCA documentaries to have that status. Zorikh Intends to have “American Knights”ready for a Pennsic release and hold a signing event for it. “I had a signing of “Return to Pennsic” and “US Against the World” two years ago, and they sold out,” he says.” I hope “American nights” will get the same great response.”

More details about the project are available at the links below.

Zorikh has started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the project. Contributors can pre-order the video, get t-shirts designed by himself, and other valuable “perks.” Those interested in supporting the project should go to the link below. DIsclaimer: The author of this article is the producer of the subject video. We feel this story is of interest to our readers, but wanted to be transparent about the article's authorship.