Gulf Wars: The "Mayberry" war

"You come to Gulf Wars, and there may be 4,000 people on site, but it's still Mayberry. Everybody knows everybody and everybody is friendly. It's a group of people from all walks of life, all areas, that come together to live the dream. We're reliving a period of chivalry, of honor, of courtesy to all," says Rebecca Baker (Rebecca MacGillivray) about Gulf Wars.

Haskel Burns, staff writer for the Hattiesburg (Mississippi) American, recently spoke with event attendees, including media department head Rebecca Baker, who gave him a tour. Burns' attention was caught by the battlefield where he had a chance to speak with King Caillin of Gleann Abhann who said, "The King is kind of the most theatrical part of it; we bring a little bit of the feel of the Middle Ages. So in theory, I'm standing up at the lead of the army, and I'm leading it. It brings a little bit more atmosphere to it."