New SCA Ltd Board Members

After consideration and commentary, the Board of SCA Ltd (the corporate body in Australia) welcomes two new Board Members for the next three years, commencing at the AGM on Friday, 3 April 2015.

The new members of the Board are:

  • Ray Gleeson from NSW, known in the Society as Don Gomez de Crecy from Rowany
  • David Beresford from TAS, known in the Society as THL David de Derlington from Ynys Fawr

These appointments bring the Board to six members, which is still shy of the preferred number. The Board now has a member each from QLD, VIC, TAS and WA as well as two from NSW. While prospective Board members are still welcome from any State or Territory except NSW (due to the constitutional limit of two from any State), we would particularly like to receive nominations from SA or ACT.

More Board Members means less work per Board Member, and this makes it easier for everyone. If you have some experience in the SCA, particularly royal peers and former landed B&Bs, seneschals or reeves (although that is NOT a requirement), and you would be willing to help behind the scenes for a three year term – please email me.

Additionally, the majority of the Board will be in attendance at Rowany Festival and would like to see many members at the AGM (details can be found at [the link below]). All are welcome.

In service of the Society, always.

Sorle Maknicoll
mka Jeff Nicholson
Secretary, SCA Ltd