Belegarth takes up swords in Chicago

Caleigh Fleming enjoys medieval combat, and also having a safe place to enjoy "nerd" activities, so she helped to bring the Galahad Medieval Combat Society to Columbia University in Chicago. The group takes part in a medieval combat game known as Belegarth. The Columbia Chronicle has the story. (photo)

“The closest place to play [the game] is outside the city,” Fleming said. “I also really like the Belegarth community and wanted to bring it here because it is a really inviting community. It’s great to be in a place where you can talk about ‘Star Wars,’ diseases and swords and not have people be like, ‘OK, nerd.’”

The game allows participants to don medieval armor and fight with fiberglass swords - all in good fun. “It’s a different headspace than I’m used to,” said event planner OliviaPugh. “It allows me to think about things in a different way for a little while.”