How to research medieval games

In a discussion on Linked In, SCA member Jeff Johnston reports that he has published his research on medieval games on his HubPages website. The article is entitled Researching Medieval Games.

Jeff Johnston writes:

Historical sports and games is my primary focus in the SCA, mainly because I enjoy playing games and researching games means I can play all sorts of games at events without resorting to periodesque games. Too me keeping my games period is kind of a point of pride, I have no problem playing non-period games at events, but why should we resort to inventing period games when there is a host of perfectly acceptable period games which we could play.

Finding primary sources for games is difficult at best, it is rare that game rules are written down, or treasured so that they end up preserved, game boards are found at times, but they are often in rough shape at best, and active games often have different rules for different regions. What ends up happening is games rules are often devised by researchers based on the pieces found and any other information we have available.