Geophysical survey maps Old Sarum

A geophysical survey carried out by students and archaeologists from the University of Southampton has mapped, for the first time, the layout of historic site of Old Sarum near Salisbury, England, from its origins in the Iron Age to its decline in the 13th century, concentrating heavily on the prosperous medieval town. (photo)

Highlights of the survey include:

  • A series of massive structures along the southern edge of the outer bailey defensive wall, perhaps suggesting large buildings of a defensive nature.
  • An open area of ground behind these large structures, perhaps for mustering resources or people, or as part of a circular route through the city..
  • Residential areas in the south east and south west quadrants of the outer bailey alongside the inner bailey ditch.
  • Evidence of deposits indicating industrial features, such as kilns or furnaces.
  • Features suggesting quarrying at the site after the 1300s and following the city's decline -- indicating a later period of habitation at the site.