Dressing like an Anglo Saxon

Toby Martin, of the University of Oxford, has published a series of abstrats on papers and presentations on his university blog pertaining to Anglo Saxon dress and jewelry. PDFs are available on request.

Papers and presentations listed include:


  • Women, knowledge and power: the iconography of early Anglo-Saxon cruciform brooches
  • Riveting biographies: the theoretical implications of early Anglo-Saxon brooch repair, customisation and use-adaptation
  • Identity and the Cruciform Brooch in Early Anglo-Saxon England: An Investigation of Style, Mortuary Context, and Use


  • Brooches beyond borders: feminine dress and social networks in early medieval Europe (presentation)
  • Dress and identity in earliest medieval Europe
  • Ways of dressing and senses of belonging: past & future research on Migration Period brooches
  • Brooches, dress and the embodiment of ethnic tradition in early Anglo-Saxon England
  • Something in the way she moves? Femininity, gesture, dress and the early Anglo-Saxon body
  • Doing dress and being-in-the-world: practical metaphysics for Anglo-Saxons?
  • Brooches and Burial: Anglians and the Cruciform Brooch in Migration Period England
  • Anglian Apparel: Biographical approaches to dress and identity at the dawn of English history
  • Women, Knowledge and Power: Cruciform Brooches and Anglian Identity in Migration Period England
  • The Anglo-Saxon cruciform brooch: a social structural and symbolic analysis
  • Riveting biographies: the repair and modification of early Anglo-Saxon cruciform brooches
  • Horses or Serpents, Birds or Men? Interpreting Meaning from the Structure of Cruciform Brooch Iconography (AD 410-600).
  • The repair and modification of early Anglo-Saxon brooches: theoretical implications

Thanks to Lord Mungo Napier for the link.