Fortuna's Champion

The Shire of Isengau in succession of the Canton Roterde holds once again the quest for Fortunas Champion.

This event deals with the subject of medieval games, practicing competitive gaming and playing. As before the winner will hold the honorary title of Fortunas Champion until the next quest. If you want to bring games just contact the event steward. The quest will start on Saturday at 1000 and will end at 1800.

Event steward:
Tassilo von Rabennest mka Wolfram Troeder

The site is a youth house near Neuburg/Donau Jugendhaus Ambach Hauptstr.9, 86676 Ehekirchen /Ambach, Germany

The event starts Friday 22.10.04 at 1800 and ends Sunday 24.10.04 at 1200.

Event fee is 25 Euro with a 3 Euro member discount. The event is limited to 45 guests. Reservation stops on 15.10.04. For participants thereafter on short notice we can not guarantee food and/or shelter. However we will do our best. Only paid reservations are valid. So reserve ahead. It's easier for you and for us. The rooms are mostly beds, except 2 crash rooms. The site is very discreetly wet (No hard liquor) and smoky (Only one smokers corner). As outdoor space is somewhere limited, outdoor activities will consist primarily of outdoor games.

In case of pets please contact the steward beforehand. For dietary restrictions contact the head cook at least 2 weeks before the event.

Head cook:
Stella Seraphina von Leuchtenberg mka Rita Drexl