Farewell to Lord Sedric Edye

On January 25, the Middle Kingdom lost Lord Sedric Edye, a founding member of the Marche of Alderford and a close friend of the SCAtoday.net staff.

Wade, a talented metal worker in the modern world, joined the SCA in 1994 as the Marche of Alderford was being formed, and he became M'Lord Sedric Edye. An attendee at the very first organizing meeting for the shire, he became the group's first Minister of Sciences1 and learned period metalworking and armoring skills.

Lord Sedric helped several of Alderford's early fighters make their first set of armor, and he was always there when work needed to be done for events and demos. He will be remembered as a man of honor, of kindness, and of generous spirit, who often made things to give to other people, for no special occasion or reason other than that he enjoyed doing so.

Lord Sedric was a longstanding member of the household Erevnite Asteron, of which several others from Alderford and from the SCAtoday.net staff are members. He is survived by his loving wife of many years, Lady Linn of Silver Lake (mka Linda Eddy), and other family members.

1At that time, the offices of Minister of Arts and Minister of Sciences were separate in the Middle Kingdom; they were later combined into the Minister of Arts and Sciences.