Estrella War XXXI A&S Showcase

Calling the artisans of the Knowne World! Once again, the Kingdom of Atenveldt is hosting an Artisan Showcase at Estrella War

On Friday, we request our most talented artisans and any of our esteemed guests from far-off kingdoms to display their renowned gifts of creation with the populace.

On Saturday, the gifted members of the Order of the Laurel are encouraged to share their masterworks with the populace in a display intended to dazzle and inspire awe in all who behold it.

As ever, for either day, documentation is not required but is highly welcomed!

Please contact me at or on the Tome of Faces if you would like to participate in the showcase, so that I may procure enough space for all of our artisan's work to be shown.  Feel free to encourage others to join us!

We look forward to seeing the beauteous creations of our chosen family on display for all to admire.

Most humbly in your service,
THL Sandhya