Land procedure changes for Pennsic this year.

There will be significant changes to Pennsic Land procedures for Pennsic War 44, including new "early in" and block seniority rules.

Lady Magdalena Winter, Deputy Mayor for Planning & Zoning (Land) for Pennsic War 44 writes:

Land Agents - there are some big changes in the procedures for Pennsic War 44 (2015)!

First change

When Land Agents receive their block confirmation letter, your block map and Camp Authorization form will be with it. Please print them out and bring them with you. It will save you a step in the land process. Upon arriving, between 12:00 noon Friday July 24, 2015 and 11:00 am Saturday July 25, 2015, Land Agents will park on the battlefield, and then troll in. Please remember to walk your block so you can take into consideration any changes. Then proceed to the Great Hall.

If you have not brought the info emailed to you, you’ll need to go through the line marked "Land Packets" to pick up your land packet, same as previous years.

Second change

If you have printed and brought your info with the confirmation letter, then you won't need to stand in the Land Packet line. Just come to an agreement with the other groups in your block and with acquired signatures, proceed to the lines marked "Completed Maps" in the Great Hall.

Third change

You will then, if needed, sign the gas line notice, receive a stamp for your camp authorization and up to 5 vehicle passes. Those who finish this process and receive their vehicle pass can drive to their block at that time, even if it's Friday. A maximum of 5 vehicles will be allowed on site per encampment until all blocks have been approved. All other vehicles will have to wait until after Land Registration is over on Saturday, July 25, 2015.

That's right! You read it correctly! You will receive up to 5 vehicle passes (which gate guards will collect) to be admitted on site to setup as soon as you have submitted your required paperwork on Friday or Saturday! Upon receiving the vehicle passes, proceed to the Gate to enter.

Please note: once you are admitted to setup, you cannot leave and come back until Saturday after 12 noon unless you see me in the Great Hall and receive one pass per encampment to leave site. These passes will be collected at the gate upon return.

The Watch and Land will be patrolling the blocks, so please remember to post your camp authorization.

    Land office hours:

    Friday: 12 noon to 11:45 pm

    Saturday: 8 am to 12 noon - All block assignments should be complete at that time.

Fourth change

    There will be NO Fires allowed on the battlefield Friday night. This will be strictly enforced!

Seniority Land Points

For each year you have camped on your block you have received 1 Land Point towards seniority. Anyone who is still on site after 12 noon Sunday August 9, 2015 will lose 1 point. Anyone who does not leave their campsite clean will lose 1 point.

Lady Magdalena Winter

Deputy Mayor Planning & Zoning (Land)
Pennsic War 44

Thanks to Master Philip the Pilgrim for making us aware of this official notice.