Potables needed for Known World Party

Mistress Sylvia du Vey, Guildmistress of the East Kingdom Brewers Guild, reports that donations are needed for the known World Party to take place at Pennsic War XLIV.

Mistress Sylvia writes:

Greetings Brewers!

The Known World Party will be happening again this year at Pennsic.

This year we are being asked to contribute once again to this festive occasion.  Laverd (Lord) Alexander Makcristyne from the East Kingdom Brewers Guild is being asked to coordinate potable donations this year.   If you are willing to contribute to the Known World Party with your potables, please contact him at: CMAKCRISTYNE@GMAIL.COM

I encourage you all to consider a donations.  One bottle, several bottles, or even more will undoubtedly be appreciated.  This is a terrific way to showcase our art!

As an aside, there are always people who go to these things who want to know more about your beverages, so sending some notes with your contribution is sometimes helpful.  The bar tenders try really hard to promote these things with care and like to have that information to share when people ask (speaking as a person who has tended the bar...)

Now is the time to plan - start your projects soon!

In Service,
Mistress Sylvia du Vey
Guildmistress, East Kingdom Brewers Guild

Note: Please feel free to forward this to your kingdom guild lists and guild masters.  Any help in sharing this information is very much appreciated!