Sterling Renaissance Festival Sold on eBay

One of the oldest Renaissance Faires in the United States, the Sterling Renaissance Festival, was up for bids recently on eBay.

The festival, which is located in upstate New York, was founded in 1977 and concentrated on Elizabethan times. In 1999, the festival was chosen as one of the top 100 events in the United States. Bidding began at US $100,000 on August 5, 2004 and ended August 15 with the bid of US $1,199,300.00. There were a total of 53 bids.

We were just there in July.

We were just there in July. It was wonderful fun! The new owners have tough shoes to fill! I hope that they do the place justice. -Ren

Just to let you know

Just to let you know, the Festival was NOT sold. The reserve was NOT met. Aodhfin