Richard III: Just misunderstood?

Members of the Richard III Society have long believed that the last medieval king of England got a bad rap from the conquering Tudors and their bard, William Shakespeare. Now, with the discovery of Richard's remains, others are beginning to reconsider the monarch. (audio interview)

In a recent interview, NPR's Rachel Martin spoke to Mike Pitts, author of Digging for Richard the Third: The Search for the Lost King, who disputes Shakespeare's depiction of the king. Martin says: "He was the last king from England's ruling Plantagenet family, and you probably have a mental picture of him: An evil man, limping across the stage, scheming, plotting — until finally he gets his comeuppance on a foul and muddy field, offering his kingdom for a horse. But what if that's just Shakespearean propaganda? What if Richard III was just misunderstood?