The search for King Harold continues

Cousins Terry Muff and Kevin McKenzie, who claim King Harold, of Hastings fame, as an ancestor, believe that the remains of the Saxon monarch lie beneath an ancient church in Hertforshire. Ellie Zolfagharifard of the Daily Mail has a feature story. (photos)

Muff and McKenzie believe that, after the Battle of Hastings, the king's body was taken to Bishops Stortford, in Hertforshire, by his grieving lover Edith the Fair and buried at St. Michaels' Church. There are four Norman-era tombs beneath the church, not viewed since the 19th century, leading the cousins to ask permission of the vicar to investigate.

"It is our firm belief that, once an archaeological investigation is undertaken, at the very least, we will find King Harold's wife, Edith the Fair, who was venerated as a medieval saint, and very probably also King Harold and his two brothers," said Muff.