Metal detector hobbyist finds treasure in English fields

Treasure hunter Stephen Auker is a bit of a metal detector rock star. In recent years, he has discovered more than 100 Roman coins in a field near Silsden in northern England, offering them to a museum in Keighley. More recently, Auker found a merchant's signet ring dating to the 1550's. (photo)

“I expect the ring will be worth about £200 to £400 – not that expensive because they were quite common in their day, but they don’t come up every day and not in this area. It took me about six weeks to get all the coins and I had to dig about 1,500 holes going through a load of rubbish. What is so unusual about my case is I have had two treasure troves in just months from starting metal detecting,” said Auker.

The Tudor ring has been sent to the British Museum for identification and is waiting to be declared treasure.