Registration closes soon for TMS Bladesmithing Competition

Registration for the TMS Bladesmithing Competition will close December 15, 2014. The TMS 2015 Annual Meeting and Exhibition will take place March 15-19 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

From the website:

The Rules:

  • Produce a knife or sword blade 20-120 cm long (including handle)
  • Blades must be formed extensively by hand hammering or trip hammer forging
  • Blades may be of any material and can be smoothed/polished/sharpened by mechanical means
  • Contest is open to university teams and artisans/enthusiasts
  • Entries must include a video showing the creative process, characterization report, and poster
  • All participants should carefully investigate and act in compliance with all local laws and any pertinent institutional rules and regulations regarding the handling of items fabricated for or entered into the competition
  • Items entered by student teams are required to follow a no-sharpened-edge policy, requiring that all student submissions have a blunt edge

The Prizes:

Prizes will be awarded in two categories: "University Students" and "Artisans and Enthusiasts"

  • 1st place . . . . . $1,000
  • 2nd place . . . . . $500
  • 3rd place . . . . . $250
  • Honorable mention(s) $100

For more information, visit the website by clicking the link below.