"Chivalry is far from dead" in Bungendore, NSW

"With sun beating down on their heavy armour, combatants tested their mettle in a range of skills at arms including jousting, archery and armoured foot combat at the Fields of Gold tournament, hosted by The Barony of  Politarchopolis," writes reporter Georgina Connery of The Chronicle about the recent SCA event in Bungendore, New South Wales. (photos)

Among the highlights of the event was the vigiling for knighthood of Baroness Eva Von Danzig (Claudia Linder), who will become the 41st female knight in the SCA. "When I was queen in 1992 Australia, which we call Lochac, was still a principality of our kingdom so I came here to visit as their ruler," she said. "We take away the harsh realities of the medieval period and capture the magic and beauty through the pageantry, nobility, the gentry and the fighting - it really is the best of all worlds."