Known World Dance Symposium 2015 - reserve your beds now

Margaret de May, co-event Steward for the Known World Dance Symposium (KWDS), reports that bed reservations for the event are limited and filling up fast.

Margaret de May writes:

Interest in the Known World Dance Symposium (KWDS) 2015 April 15-19, 2015 in Miltenberg Germany is growing and we've recently had a number of new reservations. The KWDS event capacity is very large but we have a limited number of beds available at the youth hostel we're using for event site accommodations. We have bed overflow options we can use if needed, but we need to fill up our current youth hostel capacity first.

So if you're going to attend KWDS and wish to reserve a bed, we urge you to send in your registration now. This will help event organizers to know if we're going to need those overflow accommodations.

Please note that if you prefer off-site accommodation, there are a variety of comfortable hotels within a 5 minute walk to the site including:

KWDS 2015 will be 3 full days of classes plus balls and revels each evening. The site fee includes lunch and suppers.  You can come for the whole 3 day event starting on Wednesday evening or just the weekend. The site fee is pro-rated depending on the number of days you attend.   Register on-line below.

More information about the event can be found on the KWDS website and the Facebook group called KWDS 2015.

Thank you for signing up early and we'll look forward to seeing your reservation soon!

Yours in service,

Margaret de May
KWDS co-event steward