Estrella War XXXII Main Stewards

The Promotions Officer for Estrella War XXXII reports that organizers are seeking applicants for the position(s) of Main Steward(s).


The Crown, Heirs, and Seneschal of Atenveldt are soliciting applications for the position of Main Steward of Estrella War XXXII, to be held in February of 2016. Estrella War Main Stewards are responsible for budgeting, overall management, organization and publicizing of their specific Estrella War. They have responsibility for the event until the Final Event Summary Report and Event Financial Reports are published and a proper accounting has been completed regarding all funds. This responsibility continues even after their successors have assumed office. Main Steward(s) for Estrella XXXII must be appointed by February 1, 2015 to allow them to train during the 2015 Event.

Applications must:

  1. be sent to The Crown of Atenveldt, The Heirs, the Kingdom Seneschal, the Kingdom Exchequer, the Kingdom Chronicler, and the Estrella War Exchequer
  2. be received by January 1, 2015
  3. include a real world and SCA resume detailing each applicant’s relevant experience
  4. include resumes for a designated Emergency Deputy
  5. include a list of potential sub-Stewards, and
  6. detail any important changes the applicants wish to make in the administration of the event.

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