Marilyn Monroe: Still having a good time at the faire

Marilyn Monroe, News Editor of the Southwest Daily News in Sulphur, Texas, is still having fun at the Texas Renaissance Festival years after her actor boyfriend dragged her there. She reports on the Ren Faire world in an article for the Leesville Daily Leader.

Monroe writes:

It was during October 2004 that I experienced my first festival weekend. I travelled with a group of friends, many of whom were already acquainted with the Texas Renaissance Festival. They helped to school me in the ways to not be a “mundane” (a.k.a. people who go to the festival without costuming up or really immersing themselves into the experience). That weekend I took in quite a lot of new information, including the ways of festival camping, how to properly wrangle various types of corsets and the many yards of cloth needed for a proper Renaissance Fair costume, and what my boyfriend did with his weekends during those many weeks in the fall that the festival was opened. The first time I saw Alex in full costume and character was a real turning point in our relationship. I chose to embrace it all and keep dating him.