Gagliana Grossa subject of study by Texas A&M students

In 1583, the merchant ship Gagliana Grossa sank off the coast of Biogradna Moru, in Croatia. Now the shipwreck has become a subject of study by a group of Texas A&M students led by Filipe Castro, in partnership with Irena Radic Rossi from the University of Zadar. (video)

Also known as the Gnalić shipwreck after the rocky islet it hit during a storm, the ship was built in Venice in 1569 and seized by the Ottomans in 1571. It is believed to have sunk bearing a valuable cargo.

“Among other precious items, which included a large amount of jewels, the ship carried three bales of the finest silk as a gift to the sultan’s mother Nūr Bānū, sometimes believed to be an Italian lady named Cecilia Venier-Baffo, who was abducted by the famous admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa and offered to sultan Selim II.  The ship was also carrying a large quantity of Murano glassware, as well as paint pigments for the Topkapi Palace to reconstruct part of Sultan’s Murad III Harem Quarters, which suffered a fire a few months before," said Castro.