SCA BoD seeking Director nominees

Lisa Czudnochowsky, Director, SCA Inc. and Ombudsman for Board Recruiting reports that the SCA Board of Directors is seeking nominees.

Lisa Czudnochowsky writes:

Dear Kingdom Seneschals of the Known World,

I seek your assistance on a matter of grave importance.  We need your help in finding potential candidates for the SCA's Board of Directors.

We seek to have multiple nominees from every kingdom, but at present we are entirely missing representation from a few, and have only one nominee from a number of other kingdoms.  The list of current nominees can be found here:

Nominee Requirements:

  • membership in SCA Inc (members of the four affiliates should be nominated to their boards)
  • willingness to serve on the Board of Directors for a 3.5 year term if selected

Really, that's it.  Holding a membership in SCA Inc. is the only absolute. We welcome nominees from various backgrounds and levels of experience both inside and outside the SCA.  Ideally, nominees should be the type of person that can see the big picture and make decisions for the benefit of all, rather than being focused on their own personal preferences and interests. Nominees with a broad range of SCA and modern experiences and skills are especially encouraged.

Please send the names of potential nominees to, along with an email address and/or phone number for the nominee. (It's okay to self-nominate, too.)  And feel free to spread the word to others, since the more nominees we have on the list, the more diverse a pool of candidates we have during director selection.

Thank you for your speedy and ongoing assistance in this matter,

Lisa Czudnochowsky
Director, SCA Inc
Ombudsman for Board Recruiting