Beauty from tragedy in Roman Colchester

Experts working on the restoration and preservation of the Fenwick Treasure, found in the summer of 2014 under a floor of a house in the town center of Colchester, England, believe that the hoard of jewelry had been hidden during the Boudican revolt of 61 CE. In the future, the treasure will be displayed at Colchester Castle Museum. (photos)

The hoard was found in a burnt layer of soil dating to the time of a masscre of the town's inhabitants by native Britons. It consists of "five small gold finger-rings (four with gems and one with the incised image of a dolphin), a loose gem intaglio with the incised image of a panther, a pair of silver bracelets, a large silver armlet, a short silver chain, a flat circular copper-alloy pendant which might go with the chain, a plain gold adjustable bracelet, two gold looped bracelets, a pair of gold globe earrings, a pair of pearl and gold earrings, a small bag or purse of corroded silver coins (two of which are Augustan), and a small jewellery box which may have been made of thin silver with some wooden element inside and with external fittings of silver and perhaps ivory."