THL Yvonne de Plumetot joins SCA Ltd. BoD

Sorle Maknicoll, mka Jeff Nicholson, Secretary, SCA Ltd (Australia), reports that Michele Le Bas, known as THL Yvonne de Plumetot has joined the organization's Board of Directors.

Sorle Maknicoll writes:

After consideration and commentary, the Board of SCA Ltd (the corporate body in Australia) welcomes Michele Le Bas, known as THL Yvonne de Plumetot as a Board Member for the next three years. This appointment brings the Board to five members, which is still two shy of the preferred number.

The Board is still looking for new Board Members. More Board Members means less work per Board Member, and this makes it easier for everyone. If you have some experience in the SCA, particularly royal peers and former landed B&Bs, seneschals or reeves (although that is NOT a requirement), and you would be willing to help behind the scenes for a three year term – please email me.

In service of the Dream, always.

Sorle Maknicoll
mka Jeff Nicholson
Secretary, SCA Ltd