Re-Announcing the Canterbury Faire Brewing Competition - 2015 - Cider

Rohesia reports that an addition has been made to the Canterbury Faire 2015 Brewing Competition: Cider.

Categories will be:

  • Apple cider (Apple juice, sugar, yeast, brewing additives permitted)
  • Mixed fruit cider (Apple juice, other fruit juice, sugar, yeast,brewing additives permitted)
  • Other (Cysers or other apple/pome fruit based fermented drinks)

Entries will be judged on:

  • Documentation: written explanation of the entry including ingredients, method and recipe
  • Workmanship: includes Taste/Flavour profile, Appearance (Colour, carbonation, clarity/sediment)
  • Authenticity: use of period recipe, ingredients, method, process etc.
  • Presentation: Appropriate bottling etc
  • Overall impression

Judging will take place on Thursday At the A&S display  from 12 noon to 1pm. Please have your ciders to the Judges table by noon sharp.

Thank you.