SCA BoD to decide on proposed Rapier Peerage Corpora change in 2015

Don Miklos von Baeker, Baron of Oldenfeld, reports that the Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism plans to make a decision on the proposed Rapier Peerage Corpora change in 2015.

His Excellency writes:

During the latest SCA Board of Directors meeting last week (10/25/2014), the report submitted by the second committee for the discussion of creating a new peerage for rapier combat was accepted.

The Board considered the results of the committee's polling and discussed the various commentary the committee received. It decided there is enough interest and approval by the populace at large to publish, for public commentary, the actual language that would need to be changed in Corpora to create the rapier Peerage to be called the "Order of the Master of Defense".  

Commentary on the actual language will be open for 60 days, and the Board will make a final decision whether or not to enact the corpora change at its January meeting.

January 17, 2015 - Mark your calendars, everyone.

~ Don Miklos von Baeker,
   Baron of Oldenfeld

Actual Language

Where is the actual language, so that comments might be made?

Rapier Peerage Order of the Master of Defense

Dear BoD:

At present I am not a Peer of any sort.  I physically cannot fight with the Chivalry due to medical condition.  I can and do fence, just authorized this year.

From what I've seen of the few Don's I've encountered are they continually learn to improve their ability.  They teach.  They exude the chilvarous qualities of courtesy, respect, honor and loyalty.  In every court I have attended spanning 3 Kingdoms and 20 years, there's been a Queen's Defender -- rapier fighter.

The argument spanning 50 years there is no need for another peerage I do not find valid.

Order of the Master of Defense would

1) Allow others like me to achieve Peerage in a marshal form, thus making the Society more inclusive.

2) Recognize the rapier community as a whole for what they do.  Rapier fighters do no less than the chilvaric fighters--they are in court, are expert with blades, wear armour, are part of court, exude chilvarous qualities.  The only difference is the weapons and armor.

3) If making the new peerage is approved it would likely draw more participants to try rapier arts, thereby expanding and enhancing the Society as a whole.

As an upcoming rapier fighter I reccommend and fully support making of the new Peerage the Order of the Master of Defense.

In Courtesy and Respect,

Saxi bistyggr Geirsson