SCA Feast Survey results are online

Wulfwen Atte Belle and Antonio Bellini have announced that the results for the SCA Feast Survey are now available to download from the Barony of Sternfeld website.

Lord Antonio writes:

At long last, I'm thrilled to announce that the feast survey results (from the survey completed in March) have been tabulated and published, along with a special edition of the Sterncast - the Barony of Sternfeld Podcast.

Please find links to the results online by clicking on the links below.

Information is available in both Microsoft Office and Google Docs formats.

Congrats to Mistress Wulfwen and all the cooks, who came together to design the survey and process the results. There's a lot of good information in there - I encourage everyone to read at least the Summary document if not the actual survey responses themselves. There were many people who came together and made this project possible - now to start using the results!

Feel free to cascade this information to other lists throughout the Knowne World - especially if you sent the original survey link out - we want to make sure thing thing gets as wide a distribution as possible.

Yours in Service,